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The Gang

FFLiveParse is a tool for sharing your Final Fantasy XIV log and parse data from Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) on the web in real time.


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Developer Corner

Eden Savage Prog

Time for Shadowbringers savage! There are still more features to add but savage is more important right now!

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Contact & Donate

You can contact me via email at or on Discord at Chompy#3436. Feel free to send feature request, suggestions, or bug reports my way!

Additionally, If you like FFLiveParse consider making a donation to help with hosting costs and to fund further development!

Version Notes

Version 1.37


  • Added 'overview' view with quick 'at a glance' stats. Raid DPS, Est time to kill, boss HP, etc. (Feel free to suggest more stats on our Discord!)
  • Added limit break as a combatant to all relevant views.

Bug Fixes

  • Encounters manually restarted halfway through should no longer count as a clear (needs testing).

Version 1.36


  • Added boss HP percentage to encounter details bar. (Plan to make this more prominent in the future.)
  • DPS/HPS values now update in real time. Previously they only updated when the player performed an action.
  • Encounter data older than six months will now be completely deleted.

Bug Fixes

  • Tweaked scrolling in graph and timeline views to be a little less "janky."