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The Gang

FFLiveParse is a tool for sharing your Final Fantasy XIV log and parse data from Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) on the web in real time.


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Developer Corner

Minda Silva (my character)

I'm big on trying to solo heal content and have already solo healed E1S, E2S, and E3S! I've made a community around solo healing (and other challenges) on Discord, feel free to join us! We can use all the help we can get for E4S! We're on the Aether data center.

Check out my Twitch stream! (Where I regulary stream solo heal runs!)

Contact & Donate

You can contact me via email at or on Discord at Chompy#3436. Feel free to send feature request, suggestions, or bug reports my way!

Additionally, If you like FFLiveParse consider making a donation to help with hosting costs and to fund further development!

Version Notes

Version 1.42


  • Adding healing, damage taken, and deaths to each player in overview view.
  • Overview view now counts "was defeated" log messages and grays out combatants who are currently dead.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed countdown encounter end trigger.
  • Add locks to database writing to prevent multiple write issues.

Version 1.41


  • Added ability to opt out of encounter history and logs beening saved. (Via ACT Plugin 0.07).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where encounter history was immediately deleted.
  • Addressed issue where sometimes encounter history would not saved due to a database locking issue.